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WVSport Wasserdichte Wanderstiefel

WVSport Wasserdichte Wanderstiefel


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Hochentwickeltes, ballistisch verschweißtes, abriebfestes, wasserabweisendes und atmungsaktives Obermaterial aus Lyliane 3DMX-Materialien

Wasserdichte Konstruktion mit spezieller wasserdichter Membran in Verbindung mit einer versiegelten Zunge und einem behandelten Obermaterial, das Atmungsaktivität und lang anhaltenden wasserdichten Schutz ermöglicht

PU-Zwischensohle mit Mikroluftbläschen zur Dämpfung mit einer TPU-Schicht für maximale Kontrolle und Stabilität

TPU Total Grip-Sohle mit breiten Stollen und schützender Zehenkappe

Herausnehmbare EVA-Einlegesohlen für Unterstützung im Vor- und Mittelfußbereich

    Ethik & Nachhaltigkeit

    Dieses Produkt ist zertifiziert kohlenstoffneutral

    Es wird aus den Niederlanden über unsere klimaneutrale Lieferkette in Papier- und Kartonverpackungen zu Ihnen geliefert

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    Immer und für immer vegan

    Hergestellt in Italien

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Lenka S. (Czechia)
    Want waterproof? Look no further!

    I have been an owner of WVS's waterproof hiking boots (one of their top sellers) for years. I have never loved shoes more than them. Previously, I tried number of supposedly "waterproof" shoes from different brands and none of them kept my feet dry.
    As a dog trainer I am out all year round in all types of weather conditions, walking through wet grass, puddles and in heavy rain. For walking on a hard surface, I was looking for a similar shoe but slightly softer. So I gave these a try.
    Honestly, if you're looking for a great quality, comfort, waterproof, and durability, look no further!! It's worth every penny and they are lovely looking boots too. You won't be disappointed

    Anonymous (United Kingdom)
    My favourite shoes!

    I have had these walking boots for nearly 2 years now and I absolutely love them! I used to need memory foam insoles in other shoes to prevent knee pain but not with these. They are so comfy, give great support and I absolutely love the ethical standards of the company. I have had no knee pain regardless of how far I'm walking! I'm saving up to get a second pair!

    Evelyn R. (Germany)

    Schnürsenkel sind recht lang und nutzen sich schneller ab, als gedacht

    K.H. (United Kingdom)
    Not waterproof, even just in damp grass

    I bought my WVS Sport walking boots in 2019 and was delighted initially because they were instantly comfortable and did not leak. However, despite only light, occasional use (I have heavier walking boots for bad weather, muddy conditions and puddles, and walking shoes for the summer) they started to leak early this year just while walking through long grass - very annoying as they don't look at all worn. At first I thought it was my fault because the grass was long enough for drips to come in the eyelets and around the tongue but I've since found out by walking through short grass that they just leak everywhere. So, these boots are not waterproof as claimed and the claims made for the Lyliane 30MX fabric they are made from are false eg "advanced technologies... extraordinary properties....most advanced microfibre....suitable for the most extreme applications... an optimal water repellancy, making the shoe fit for every kind of condition... ,meant to be long-lasting" A fairy story indeed....!!!

    I am really sorry to hear this happened to your boots. Just to let you know, if a customer at any point is not happy with their purchase we will always refund, replace or exchange. You should not expect your Hiking Boots to let in water like this. I have just sent you an email to help you further, speak soon Shola

    Lynn M. (United Kingdom)
    A disappointing purchase

    I previously have worn the WVSport cross trail boots, when I came to replace these (as they are worn out) back in September they were out of stock, so I brought the WVSport Waterproof walking boots instead.

    I have been really disappointed with the quality of the WVSport Waterproof Walking Boot. Firstly I have found them not to be waterproof. I walk my dogs across fields and even when the grass is damp I get wet feet. As the boots have been getting so wet when they dry out they are smelling musty - this is after 2 months. Secondly the boots are not as comfortable to wear as the trail boots they feel much harder against the foot. I will not be purchasing a second pair.