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Recycelter Veganer Shearling-Pullover

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Diese Jacke hält Sie super warm Die Innenseite ist mit einer in Italien hergestellten Wattierung aus 100 % recyceltem Polyamid (100 % RPA) mit einem in Italien hergestellten cremefarbenen recycelten veganen Shearling-Futter (100 % RPU) isoliert. Sie können diesen Mantel bei Minusgraden bis zu -22° / -7.6 Fahrenheit tragen

ECONYL™-Außenmaterial, hergestellt in Italien aus synthetischen Abfällen wie Industrieplastik, Stoffresten und Fischernetzen aus den Ozeanen

Wasserabweisend (Standardklasse c6), so dass Sie die Jacke auch bei leichtem Regen oder Schnee tragen können und trocken bleiben

Großzügig geschnittene Kapuze aus veganem, recyceltem Shearling, die sich leicht über den Kopf ziehen lässt

Zwei Reißverschlusstaschen an der Außenseite und eine Innentasche zur Aufbewahrung Ihrer wichtigsten Utensilien

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    Immer und für immer vegan

    Hergestellt in Italien

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Sara Doménech (Spain)
    Unbelievably warm but with cons

    When we bought this jacket we didn't expect at all to be this warm. Amazing. Also the hood is so well designed it goes further from the face so when it rains you don't need to lower your face not to get it wet. Only thing is as the zip is metallic when you put your hand in the pocket it may scratch a bit your skin and thats not so cool. Also the ships does get stuck often and i see I'm not the only one with this issue. As a suggestion, it would be really nice if it was a bit longer to cover the entire torso. Also I got the man's model and we miss some inside pocket for the phone or wallet

    Carolyn (United States)
    Mixed Feelings.

    While I do like this coat, there are some big issues that I've experienced and ultimately I'm pretty sad that I bought this. To summarize, here is a list of pros and cons:

    - Pretty cozy, has kept me warm.
    - I'm 5'5 with a small frame, fullest parts of my body are 36 inches around, and I got a medium. So it fits okay with sweaters underneath.
    - My favorite part of this coat was when I would have the hood down with it zipped all the way up. It would hug my neck and come up to my face to keep the front of me warm. I often wouldn't even wear a scarf because it worked well without one. I like that the seems are spaced nicely and it doesn't look like an armadillo coat.
    - It's lightweight.

    - A huge issue I found was that this coat does not zip up well. It often gets stuck in the shearling or the coat lining and I need to recruit my husband to help me get out of the coat. In order to avoid this, I have to spend ample amount of time ensuring I zip it up slowly and carefully. (I feel like I shouldn't have to think so hard just to zip up my $300 coat). Unfortunately, the last time I zipped it was its last. It got so stuck that I couldn't get out of it, and the only thing I could do in the moment was rip it. And I was told that the only way to fix it now is to replace the entire zipper. Coat - out of commission.

    - A huge feature that I was looking forward to was the inside pocket. This pocket is listed in the description. See my attached photo. I asked them about this when I got the coat and found no inside pocket. They said this a feature of the *mens coat. I was pretty upset because I don't often carry a purse and I like to have an inside pocket to hold things that otherwise are too bulky in the side pockets, or could easily fall out. FALSE advertising. They haven't even fixed this in the description. It still says there's a pocket on the inside. Anyway, I needed a coat, and this was actually the second they sent me because the first one never arrived with the rest of my order. So I just kept it.

    - Not that big of a deal, but the hood looks absolutely ridiculous when the coat is zipped up all the way. LOL. If it's not zipped up then it's nice and wide. I think this is a typical thing for coats... And I suppose there's no other way if one wants the hood to be big and wide otherwise, which I love. So, I don't know.

    I hope this review helps those who are thinking of whether this is the coat for them, and also causes this brand to take a second look at this product.

    Hey Carolyn,

    I wanted to say thank you very much for your review and feedback it is very much appreciated.

    I just wanted to address these issues and try to help you with them.

    We have in all new batches we produce of this coat fixed the zip issue. I am really sorry this happened as you say you should not expect this at all with a $300 coat.

    Inside pocket
    I am really sorry for the error in the description. We are in the process of updating the description so it is correct and does not state it has an inside pocket.

    Also, just to say - at any point if you are not happy with a purchase from us, we will always make a refund, replacement or try to repair your purchase. Just reply back to the email that was just sent to you if you need any assistance at all so we can help you further.

    Speak soon,


    Tayler (United Kingdom)
    Love love love

    Gorgeous jacket that's super cosy but also lightweight. Keeps me warm when I'm at the football (2 hours outside in the cold) or on a walk on a windy day. On sizing, I'm about a 10 and 5'5 and have the XS size which is perfect. Can wear a jumper or sweatshirt underneath and it feels just right. ♥️ If I had one nigggle about it, it would be nice to have a secure inside pocket as well as the 2 zip pockets.

    Jess Burns (United Kingdom)
    Amazing coat

    I took this coat on a recent trip to Finland, it kept me so warm even in -22 degrees!!
    Such good quality, comfortable and looks great on. Highly recommend.

    Julie Borup Frese-Madsen (Denmark)
    A bit disappointing

    Looks better online than irl. The inner padding is soft, and it fits relatively well, but it just doesn't feel of as high a quality as suggested. It is quite shiny which makes it look kind of cheap.
    The design just lacks, but it helps to know how it is made, when you spend 260 euros on it...