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WVSport Wanderschuhe

WVSport Wanderschuhe


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Hochentwickeltes ballistisch geschweißtes, abriebfestes, wasserabweisendes und atmungsaktives Obermaterial aus Lyliane 3DMX-Materialien

PU-Zwischensohle mit Mikroluftbläschen zur Dämpfung mit einer TPU-Schicht für maximale Kontrolle und Stabilität

TPU Total Grip-Sohle mit breiten Stollen und Zehenschutzkappe

Herausnehmbare EVA-Einlegesohlen für Unterstützung im Vor- und Mittelfußbereich

    Ethik & Nachhaltigkeit

    Dieses Produkt ist zertifiziert kohlenstoffneutral

    Es wird aus den Niederlanden über unsere klimaneutrale Lieferkette in Papier- und Kartonverpackungen zu Ihnen geliefert

    Sie können es 365 Tage lang mit unserem papierlosen, klimaneutralen Rückgabeservice kostenlos zurückgeben

    Nutzen Sie unseren Rücknahmeservice, wenn dieses Produkt das Ende seiner Lebensdauer erreicht hat

    Immer und für immer vegan

    Hergestellt in Italienisch

    Lesen Sie mehr über unsere Ethik und Nachhaltigkeit; Nachhaltigkeit

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    M.L. (United Kingdom)
    18 months+ of good walking

    I've worn a pair of these near enough all day every day for the last 18 months solid. It's only in the last few weeks that they've started to show signs of wear with the front "bumper" part of the sole on the left shoe coming away from the upper, which is almost certainly only due to regularly having to kneel down to pick up after the dog. They've been fantastically comfortable this whole time, fit like a glove, and when they're not caked with mud they look pretty smart (for a trainer).

    Other shoes I've bought from WVS have also been equally well made and long-lived, which is saying something as shoes I've bought elsewhere have typically had very short lifespans due to my gait and the amount of walking I do. That's why I now only buy my shoes from WVS, and I've just bought my second pair of these trainers to replace the pair that are on their way out. Highly, HIGHLY recommended for those looking for rugged trainers.

    TM (United States)
    Good shoes

    Just a good all around everyday shoe and most importantly vegan. Like the rest of Wills I size down a half.

    Robin F. (Sweden)
    A great title for a review

    These were gonna be my everyday shoes, and they’re great, honestly, but if I stop wearing them for a few days they need a breaking-in phase with blisters and all.
    At first I thought it was just my foot, but after thorough inspection I’ve found a seam forming a ever so slight ‘lip’ which faces downward and causes chafing, blisters and limping. Limping is so cool though, like Bond villain-cool, I hope will’s starts making canes with silver handles and hidden red buttons to control my lair and assist me with day-to-day tasks on my road to world domination. Hail hydra-tion #newworldwater

    Michai R. (Netherlands)
    Durable and comfortable shoes for everyday use.

    After using these shoes for 2 month now, I'm pleasantly surprised at the durability. They are also very comfortable and look neat. Add in the animal-friendly nature of the product, this was definitely worth the price for me.

    Keenan K. (United States)
    Never actually got them...

    Ordered them over 2 months ago, still have not received my shoes. I put in a ticket with customer service and have not gotten a response for two weeks. Yet I got an automated email asking me to review my recent purchase. Can't recommend buying anything from here at this time.