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Strukturierter Mantel aus veganer Wolle



Geschneidert in Italien aus "veganer Wolle", hergestellt aus Greenpeace DETOX & Oeko Tex® Standard 100 zertifizierter Baumwolle (Zertifikat 1108929.0)

In lockerer, einreihiger Silhouette mit Schulterpolstern aus 100 % recyceltem Polyester

Entworfen in einer lockeren, einreihigen Silhouette mit Schulterpolstern aus 100% recyceltem Polyester

Die Vorderseite der Jacke wird mit zwei matten Knöpfen aus recyceltem, gepresstem Papier und Harz (Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 zertifiziert) verschlossen. In den zwei tiefen Einschubtaschen können Sie Ihre wichtigsten Utensilien verstauen

Das in Italien gefertigte, REACH-zertifizierte Viskosefutter sorgt für einen reibungslosen Lagenwechsel

    Dieses Produkt ist zertifiziert kohlenstoffneutral

    Es wird aus den Niederlanden über unsere klimaneutrale Lieferkette in Papier- und Kartonverpackungen zu Ihnen geliefert

    Sie können es 365 Tage lang mit unserem papierlosen, klimaneutralen Rückgabeservice kostenlos zurückgeben

    Nutzen Sie unseren Rücknahmeservice, wenn dieses Produkt das Ende seiner Lebensdauer erreicht hat

    Immer und für immer vegan

    Hergestellt in Italien

    Lesen Sie mehr über unsere Ethik und Nachhaltigkeit; Nachhaltigkeit

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Customer (United Kingdom)
    Breast pocket

    This coat would be perfect if it had a breast pocket for a hankie and came in bigger sizes.
    Been looking for a vegan crombie for years and years.

    Jun Ogura (United Kingdom)
    High quality vegan wool coat ! But…

    I bought this lovely vegan wool coat, the quality is really good and warm as well, it’s very nice for cold season. I am sure that I will be able to use it for long time.

    BUT, the problem is the size, mine is normally medium, (around 170cm 65kg), ordered the medium and found out the actual size is completely big. So I just asked swapping to small size, paid more than £50 for just exchanging (I’m currently in England maybe because of it). I simply didn’t know the fee and asked, but no replying about it. Even in the small size I still need to adjust the arm length.

    Finally, what I wanted to say is the customer service is just not good. I hope better people who can understand customers and explain enough will be in Will’s.

    P.S…. A needle came out from the left side of this coat, please be careful when you wear it. Don’t get me wrong, the quality of this coat is good…


    I am really sorry we missed your message about the charge for the exchange. I have just replied back to you.

    We will refund this charge in full. Your exchange was sent from our Netherlands warehouse to the UK (as we were out of stock in our UK warehouse).

    DHL made an error in sending the charge to you, it should have been set for us to pay.

    Just to say, we no longer send anything from our Netherlands warehouse to the UK. All UK deliveries are now sent from the UK. You also should never pay anything for a return or exchange at any point. If for any reason you are charged anything, we will always cover the cost.

    I am sorry for the needle in the coat I will let our factory in Italy know so they can avoid this happening again.

    I am here to help if you have any questions or if I can be any more help at all,


    R. (Germany)
    Entsprach nicht meinen erwartungen

    Ich finde der Mantel hätte wirklich gut aussehen können, aber leider hat er keine Glatte Struktur wie ein normaler Mantel. Die Struktur sieht meiner Meinung nach einfach nicht gut aus. Ich trage normalerweise M aber weder M oder S haben mir gepasst und waren eher wie XL / XXL.

    R.A.Pray (United States)
    All I ever wanted..

    ..Was a well fitting long coat, that wasn't made of wool!

    Will's did an excellent job on the style and quality of this coat. Fits really well, soft and stylish, I couldn't ask for a better coat. I ordered a size too large, and customer serviced did an amazing job resolving the issue and sending a replacement asap.. As always their customer service is at the same quality level as their product.

    Would definitely recommend this coat, and buying one size under your typical winter coat size.

    Hope to have this for years to come!!! - thanks!