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Valley Mist


Valley Mist Micellar Wasser

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Gentle to delicate skin, antibacterial and astringent cleansing tea tree floral waters. Effective removal of excess oil without stripping away all-natural sebum from the face. Well suited to oily and spot-prone skin but all skin types. A multi-function product to hydrate and cleanse leaving a soft and refreshed feeling. A safe leave-on product. Works well before moisturizing applications.

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial tea tree, lemongrass & Juniper.
Natural. Made using Eco cert ingredients.
Made with steam distilled essential oils and tea tree floral waters.
Refreshes and cleanses.
Slightly acidic to balance our naturally acidic skin after alkaline cleansers or tap water.
Registered with the Vegan Society.
Packaging: Glass & Metal Cap Packaging, No Box

  • Made in the United Kingdom

    Hi, I'm Jo. I launched Valley Mist in 2016 with just four plastic-free Lip Balms. Each is deeply nourishing and protective, free from overly processed chemicals. My intention was to create a lip balm formula made from raw, natural, or naturally derived ingredients to balance well with my efforts to live in harmony with nature. Together with the paper tube packaging, it worked so well with my plans for a low waste business.

    Since then the world has switched on to low impact living and the urgency to our planet's climate. I have continued to develop plastic-free ranges for Valley Mist, including mother & baby products, natural skincare, UP-CYCLED candles from our oils and butter waste, plus various accompanying low impact and sustainable beauty accessories.

    We make an annual donation of 8.5% of the profits towards environmental cause charities, this pledge has been in place since our launch. Every sale of the lip balm in paper tubes AND the upcycled candles generates a donation.

    Our selected charities: The Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester Wildlife Trusts, and The World Land Trust. Both organizations are doing great things to protect the environment for the future.

    As someone sensitive to pollution, I think it is key to assess and consider the ingredients we use on our bodies as well as those we put into them, we can make a change and be kinder to our precious Earth.

    Delivered to you through our carbon-neutral supply chain in paper and cardboard packaging

    Read more about our Ethics & Sustainability

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