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Mini Satchel
Emma H. (Spain)
Lovely bag!

This bag is great. It looks great, feels great and perfect for carrying around the essentials. I’ve had it for 2 months now and it still looks perfect (which you’d expect anyway).

Sneaker Boots
N.E. (United States)
Please forgive my last review. I ordered a different size.

I had an email exchange with Aarti and would like to thank him for the great customer service.
I had thought back and forth about whether I should order the same shoes a size smaller. I'm usually an 8-8.5 in shoes. Adidas / Nike / Barefootshoes.
When I had the sneakers in size 8 here, my little toes hurt and my upper left foot hurt as soon as the material started to get bend. I had a fair amount of space at the front and even with thicker socks the shoes weren't comfortable. Well I blamed the shoes. Hey, at least we know that the industry outside mass-produces clothing and shoes and the main thing is that they get everything sold. I don't feel like ordering cheap goods. Spending my money on clothes I don't like. Or go to stores that sell cheap goods to save money.
But I needed a pair of sneakers and went to the Adidas website. I ordered a few and sent them back too. I felt the seam on my big toe and it was very uncomfortable. Then the sneakers came from Will's vegan store and I was unhappy with them too.
Then I ordered the Wills´sneakers a size smaller, but of course it took a while until they got here and a few others from Adidas have since arrived.
As soon as I walked with them, I felt friction at the back of the heels and the soles of my feet hurt. My God, this can't all be true. Normally I haven't had any problems with Adidas. But I've become a fan of barefoot shoes because they're foot-shaped, not shoe-shaped. I've been walking around in them all the time for the last 8 months. Even in the gym I only wear them because they are so light and extremely comfortable. I've gotten so used to the fact that my toes are no longer squashed and I have a lot of space in the shoes. Above all, I wanted a straight sole.
But I needed some for winter and saw the London Style from Will's Vegan Store and thought they were pretty stylish. Aarti said I should give the sneakers a chance because I won't regret it. So should I go to a size 7?
I couldn't imagine that they would fit.
They arrived a few days ago, I tried them on and and they fit like a glove.
I walked around outside for a bit today and finally I'm in love with them :-D. Yes, they feel great and I think the shoes are very well made.
So, please forgive my review below.
What did I learn from it? My ego was too fast !

Love it!

Signature Deserts
Naveed K. (United States)
Great Style and Comfort

These shoes both look and feel great. I really like the style of them and can easily wear them to work with dress pants or wear them out with jeans. Really versatile and stylish.

Work Boots
Martina (United Kingdom)
I wanted to love these, but…

I purchased these boots two years ago, but my size (6) felt too small so had to return them and couldn’t get a replacement due to being away. Now this year I finally got round to purchasing them half a size bigger (6.5) which fits perfectly. The style is lovely, and the “leather” feels soft but sturdy; I have no complaints about how they look and feel on the feet. However, after using them for the first few days, my right knee started hurting - I thought it was just a coincidence, and soldiered on wearing the boots. But my knee wasn’t getting any better, so I gave it a break and used my other shoes for a couple of weeks. Guess what, as soon as I restarted wearing the boots, the knee pain was back on! I honestly feel paranoid just typing this, but I am fairly sure this pain (which I’ve never suffered from before) is due to wearing the boots. The heels have also started making a very annoying clicking sound, so I think the overall problem with these is with the sole. I’m very sad cause as I said I love the style and material but I can’t keep wearing shoes that are actively injuring my knees.

Insulated Work Boots
Matthew H. (United States)
They look better in person

I really like these boots, I love that they’re insulted and they’re very stylish. As for the fit, they’re a bit snug around the area just below the toes, it could just be my feet. Also the boot is a bit stiff overall, but I would still recommend this boot to anyone.

Continental Chelsea Boots
Juliette (United States)
The BEST guilt-free boots!

This was my first purchase from Will's and it won't be my last. So happy with the Chelsea boots. I almost caved and bought leather boots and then I found these. They were incredibly comfortable right out of the box. I'd say they run about a half size large but that was great for me because I want to wear them in winter with thicker socks. My feet are on the wide side and these boots don't pinch my toes, which I love. Easy to get on and off. I wear them all the time! No one would ever be able to guess these are vegan (except for the fact that I tell everyone!)

Continental Chelsea Boots
Vellu T. (Finland)
Nice shoes

Shoes are comfortable and good looking. I have a somewhat wide foot and these fit very well. They also tolerate light rain while cycling to work, which is a plus.

Casual Derbys
Marcus (United Kingdom)

Simply excellent. Hard but not too hard, durable and stylish.

Track Sole Booties
Zoe (The Netherlands)
Cute comfortable booties

The boots are very cute, comfortable to walk in so overall I am really happy with them. I must say that the soles inside the shoes came off quite quickly and that the elastic band in the shoes stretched quickly too. I don't use them in any weird way as far as I know, so I'm a little disappointed at that. So aside from that I am happy with them!

Western Boots
Wendy (The Netherlands)
Mooie laarzen!

Mooie laarzen, zitten direct lekker (en dat is bij mij geen garantie). Nog geen blaar gehad. Ze zitten wel krap - neem dus eerder een maat te groot. Na paar minuten vormen de laarzen zich heerlijk naar je voeten.

L.S. (Germany)
Nice sturdy everyday shoes

After wearing these shoes for a few weeks, they still look quite new and the build quality seems very sturdy. The vegan leather doesn‘t imitate the look and feel of leather perfectly, but comes fairly close. Also, the shoes are really easy to clean and the vegan leather is very scratch-resistant.
As a unisex-model, this shoe unfortunately is a bit wide for most female feet – it would be great if this shoe were offered in two different widths!

Comfy and stylish, accompanied me as I made fantastic memories all through Seoul and Busan

I bought these for a 2-week trip to Seoul and Busan in November. I had to pay huge customs (live in Canada) so was not going to return them, so was really hoping they'd be wonderful, and they were! I wore them through practically the whole trip. I walked all over the city and they were comfy and warm, and I felt stylish too. I hiked hours in Namsan Park in them, I hiked to Seoul Tower in them, I hiked the perimeter of Gyeongbokgung Palace four times in them, I wore them to Silver Kit House, polyc's tattoo studio, Magnate, and any other time I wanted to look good :) I bought Black / US 9 | EU 41. I was nervous on sizing since I knew there'd be no return (because of customs) but it ended up being excellent. I am usually a US 9 or sometimes 9.5 in boots so they were true to size, I'd say. I took 5 pairs of shoes on the trip and ended up wearing these 95% of the time, they were really perfect. APOBANGPO 💜🫶🏻
Overall a fantastic purchase.

Luxe Insulated Deep Tread Chelsea Boots
Charlotte C. (United States)
Pretty, warm, and comfy!

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved these when they arrived. There's just something about putting something soft on your feet that looking at the product picture can't describe. These are great!

Luxe Track Sole Chelsea Boots
Charlotte C. (United States)
Excellent platform boots!

These are my first pair of platform boots and they delivered! I'm particular about foot comfort and these were comfy all night at a concert the first time I wore them! No breaking in first needed.

I have bought many size 39 shoes from this company and this boot does run large, however, adding a sole insert made them fit perfectly. I recommend ordering your normal size and getting a cheap insert from Amazon if they're too roomy.

Carolin C. (Germany)
Ich habe den Artikel nie erhalten

Ich habe diese Tasche bestellt und leider nie erhalten, daher kann ich keine Bewertung zu der Tasche selbst dalassen

Die Kommunikation mit dem Shop selbst zwecks der ausbleibenden Lieferung war katastrophal, keine Reaktion, ewig auf die Rückzahlung des Geldes gewartet, letztendlich den Paypal Käuferschutz eingeschaltet

Very warm , very nice !!

It is very warn and stylish.

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
Timothy K. (Austria)
Top Notch

I’ve been backpacking around Europe for the past month and these boots have been perfect. I don’t usually write reviews but I had to. I have bad feet and the vibram soles are sturdy and supportive. The waterproofing is good enough to walk around in rain all day long, and they easily handle snow. I wouldn’t stand in water with any shoe/boot except waders, but aside from that these things are excellent. Size 13 fits true. They don’t have a certified wide toebox, but I have moderately wide feet and have experienced almost no crowding. Highly recommend

Signature Brogues
Mitchell K. (United States)

Love them!

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
Tina (United States)
i love these boots!

Went on multiple hiking trails in the snow/ice in February in Colorado and these held up amazingly! Also hiked in these at Mt Rainier in the summer. So sturdy!

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
Vegan k. (United Kingdom)
Great comfortable boots

Really smart and comfortable vegan walking boots.
Nice colour and reasonable price.
The whole family have a pair of these walking boots.
Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Gebe ich nicht mehr her!

Warm, bequem, wasserdicht, schön! Test im Schneematsch bestanden. Zum Anziehen ist ein Schuhlöffel zu empfehlen :) Einziges Manko: wenn man sie den ganzen Tag über trägt, bekommt man schwitzige Füße - also leider weniger atmungsaktiv, als andere (nicht wasserdichte) Schuhe von WV.

So disappointed!

Bought as a gift. Had to size up as the person is a half size. Despite being a half size big, the fit was really poor, too tight on instep. Not suitable for anything other than a narrow foot. Considering these are meant to be hiking boots I don't see how anyone could wear proper hiking socks with them. Returned them to Wills 4 weeks ago, still waiting for them to 'receive' the order and issue a repayment. Won't buy from Wills again because of this.


I am really sorry the fit of these was not right. We make refunds or exchanges usually a few days after you have pass the parcel to the return courier. At the moment our system is saying the parcel has not been passed to the courier as the tracking has not been updated yet.

When possible please can you reply back to the email I have just sent to you with any additional tracking information you have or a receipt from the courier.

Thanks for your help,

Speak soon


So warm!

I've just taken these boots to Austria, so much snow (between 1 to 2 feet in depth) and very cold. I didn't give my feet a second thought, at no point were they cold or wet and I was walking through the snow at some points as there was no path. The snow also didn't go in the top of the boots either. Excellent buy, can only recommend!

4 Strap Biker Boots
LMW (United States)
Great but not perfect

I wear an 8.5 shoe. These are long on the sole but tight on the ankle, so I've been wearing thicker ankle socks with them. They are beautiful and comfortable for walking.